weekend films: Doubt & Moon

Saturday evening I watched Doubt, a film starring Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour-Hoffman, which disappointed.  An adaptation from the stage which arguably should not have happened, despite terrific performances in isolated, quite confined scenes which would have worked just as well in their own right, it was staid and static and unfilmy.  Especially on a television.  It also suffered one of those hugely abrupt endings when I swore we must be leading into the big, climactic third act – given the Hollywood heavyweights.

It was in stark contrast to the film, Moon, which I saw the next day, starring – pretty exclusively, Sam Rockwell.  How much of a weight must have been on that single actor’s shoulders?  Again confined in setting – he’s either in his spaceship, moon buggy, or on the moon’s surface – but not once does it seem limited or bore.  Possibly due to its direction and always compelling performance, as well as the general difference of such a setting, the film didn’t seem to dip once.  It may have even been because of its tight, claustrophobic confinement – which was at the heart of the film.

On my way into the screening of Moon at Wandsworth, I was handed a flyer and asked a few questions by a lady in the lobby.  Would I like to go to an advance screening of a film there on Thursday and give feedback afterwards?  New thriller starring Helen Mirren. Ooh, let me check my diary…  Should be interesting.


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