2009 arty consumption

A selfish attempted record of some pop lit books wot I’ve read this year, lest I forget. 

In no particular order

Tom Perrotta – Abstinence Teacher (4/5)
Tom Perrotta – Little Children (3/5)
Nick Hornby – Juliet, Naked (4/5)
JM Coetzee – Summertime (4/5)
Evie Wyld – After The Fire A Still Small Voice (4/5)
Douglas Kennedy – The Pursuit Of Happiness (4/5)
Douglas Kennedy – State Of The Union (3/5)
John Boyne – The House Of Special Purpose* (2/5)
Charles Eton – Mr Toppit (2/5)
Julian Barnes – Nothing To Be Frightened Of (5/5)
Sebastian Faulks – A Week In December (3/5)
Richard Milward – Ten Storey Love Song (4/5)
Irvine Welsh – Crime (3/5)
Irvine Welsh  Reheated Cabbage (3/5)
Zoe Heller – The Believers (3/5)
Zoe Heller – Notes On A Scandal (4/5)
Xialou Guo – UFO In Her Eyes (2/5)
Steven Hall – Raw Shark Texts (4/5)
Emile Zola – Germinal (4/5)
Peter Manseau – Songs For The Butcher’s Daughter (4/5)
David Mitchell – One Day (3/5)
*still reading so should probably reserve judgement

Presuming one reader for a moment..   Frankly can’t be bothered to find / post links to any of this stuff, but there’s a thing called Google which can probably help out with further details.

And while I’m regurgitating media consumption, why not?  New musical discoveries I’ve rather loved this year:

Florence & The Machine – Lungs (sad that it’ll rightly become very popular but become horribly overexposed)
Mumford & Sons – Cry No More
The XX – XX
Alberta Cross – Broken Side Of Time
Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound
Jamie T – Kings & Queens
Biffy Clyro – Only Revolutions
Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3

Way too many films to regale, but my last seen is the best for a long time and up there with anything I’ve seen all year.  Can’t gush enough about Swedish film, the English title translation of which is, Let The Right One In.


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