Sniff sniff sniff pant.  Thing about this cold white stuff is it kills all the smells, hides the scat and the shit so you have to work harder to – what’s that?  A person!  By the gate.  C’mooon!  He’s coming in.  Look at you, tall bloke, I can jump up just as high as your head.  Look!  You coming in or what?  Yes!  Hello to you too!  I can’t say it out loud because I’m a dog.  Hurry up and lock it after you then, come on come on.  Good, right then, you want to play?  Here, look, here’s a stick.  Come on.  Stop trying to look at my collar, will you?  Ahh, that’s it!  Tug of war with the stick.  Nice growling too, for a human.  Oh, go on then, have a quick look at the collar if you want.  And that thing too.  Hmm, shiny isn’t it?  Yes, that’s my name.  How did you know that?  Now stick again!  Yeh yeh.  Ok I’ll chase, nyeowww.. WOah.  This white stuff’s slippery innit?  Again again.  What you doing with that thing by your ear?  Who you talking to?  Throw it again!  Rrra, ok this is fun tug of war but.. woah!  Think you’re clever swinging me round and round, don’t you?  I’m not letting go!  Ha!  Told you.  This bit of the car park’s boring now; there’s not much left of the stick now too.  It was rubbish to start with now I keep losing it in the white stuff.  Who are you talking to?  I’m off for a sniff sniff sniff.  Ha, following me?  Mug.  What?  Whatcha got then?  Is that cat, I smell?  I’m not gonna come just because you’re clapping and slapping your thighs, numpty.  Hang on, why you running away now?  CHASE!  Ok, I’ll win.  I’m a small young dog, sniff sniff.  See?  I overtook you EASY.  Who’s..?  Oh hello mistress.  Uh oh, that’s a lead.  Pfft.  Fun while it lasted, sniff sniff pant.


2 Responses to wag

  1. Blonde says:

    Oh, cuteness! I’d have been tempted to keep him…

  2. swashbuckled says:

    Not practically tenable in a rented flat and he was a total skitz, but yes, would love one one day.

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