my first blog – aged 10 and ¾

..sort of.  Found a folder of old writings and a couple of disks at the parents’ house this weekend. Must have typed this out around ten years ago. Only minorly tweaked.  One of those things which might only have entertainment value exclusively for me.  Thought I’d lob it into the internet anyway..

Monday June 17th 1991

I got on a posh coach at 8.01 to hear Lufton girls awfully singing the shoop-shoop song by Cher.  It’s a terrible song but they made it even worse.  Then I let one of the Lufton boys have a go on my electronic Donkey Kong game and I think he’s better at it than me because he’s had it for quite a while.  I’ve tried to draw a picture of the view from my seat on the coach but failed miserably.  I just had a go on Chad’s racing game but only got one point.  Everybody keeps asking me what time it is for their diary because I’m the only one with a watch.  It’s 9.18 now and a posh Jaguar car has just passed us.

We stopped at a Granada service station at 10:45 and I bought a Mars bar and a football magazine.  Our coach driver for the week is called Shirley.  They put the film ‘Big’ on the coach television but I didn’t watch it because I was reading my magazine.

At about 12:20 we arrived in York and saw a squirrel hopping around a lawn.  Then we sat down to eat our lunch and there were loads of pigeons around.  When we went to look round York Minster we went down to the crypt and saw statues, and a Prince William was buried down there.  Not Princess Di’s son, obviously.  I tried to take some photos but I couldn’t get the flash to work on my camera.  We saw interesting stained glass windows of people’s life stories and in the gift shop I bought a yo-yo.

We arrived in Scarborough at about 4:45.  The girls went in the hotel first and then we went in.  It wasn’t hard to find our room because it was room Number 1.  I was sharing with Robert Griffin from our school, and Richard Thorn and James Chander from Lufton.  The others at our school were jealous of me because Robert is popular and can be quite funny, even if he is not very well behaved.  He is in the year above and is probably sharing with me because the teachers are worried he might cause trouble if he is with his usual friends.  I get on alright with him but don’t know him very well.  We discovered our room and unpacked, then wrote a letter home.

I forgot what we had for dinner but remember having two choc-ices for afters because one of the teachers didn’t want theirs.   After dinner we went for a walk on the beach, and to the end of the pier.  When we got back James Frenshall bought me a lemonade because I had run out of money.

Tuesday June 18th

Woke up at 8.00 and went for a walk on the beach where we saw massive breakers crashing against the harbour walls.  It was brilliant, not much like the brook in our village.

When we got back to the hotel we had breakfast of Weetabix, toast, sausage and baked beans.  Not all on the same plate, obviously.

After breakfast we went to the town and did a sketch of the seafront or the town.  I did one of the town and took a picture of my view so I could put them together and see if they looked the same.  They didn’t really.

Then we went for a walk around the town and it rained so heavily that we went in an amusement arcade.  I bought an ice-cream and watched Chad play an Italia 90 football game.  When I finished my ice-cream Chad and I had a game and he beat me 2-1 – but I had been winning 1-0.  Then we went back to the same place where we had sketched earlier for lunch.

We went back to the hotel to get ready to go to Filey beach.  When we got there some people went in the sea.  I thought they were nuts.  We had a game of football on the beach which ended in a 7-7 draw, but I swear one team (not mine) won 7-6 and the teachers were just being careful nobody was upset.  Then nearly everybody bought a sugar dummy, including me.  I sold mine to Tim Marsh for 22p because it wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be.

When we got back to the hotel, we went to our rooms to write our diaries, and shower because it had been pouring down while we were playing football.

In our room just now Robert was swinging his sugar dummy round on its ribbon, like he was a cowboy with a lasso.  He swung it hard onto James’s head on purpose and it smashed everywhere.  James went very red, got angry and upset and ran off.  Robert knows he will get in trouble but he laughed anyway.  What he did was wrong but I don’t think he meant to smash it into James’s head quite so hard.  If that had just happened in the playground at lunchtime there would have probably been a fight but because we have to share a room together nobody really knew what to do.  The other Lufton boy in our room, Richard, was annoyed with Robert, but didn’t say anything.  I’m sure James has gone to tell on him now anyway and it’ll get sorted out.

Sir just called Robert out of our room for a talking to.  Sir can be quite scary when he properly bollocks you.  I’m still finding small bits of sugary red dummy everywhere.

In the evening we went on a boat trip and there was a disco on it which I didn’t like.  They kept playing Obla-di Obla-da by the Beatles, which I didn’t like, even though I normally like the Beatles songs Dad plays in the car.  Everybody did the conga but I escaped down to the toilet for some quiet.


2 Responses to my first blog – aged 10 and ¾

  1. Mya says:

    I love the way you note every purchase. What became of Robert Griffin? And was it really better down the loo than doing the conga? Great stuff – very evocative.

  2. swashbuckled says:

    Think the noting every purchase comes from the novelty of having money and deciding what to do with it. I know married men who are the same.

    “Robert Griffin” mellowed into an apparently a talented wood-sculptor, believe it or not. Think I’ve been weirdly freaked out by Obla-di obla-da ever since then.

    Thanks for the kind words.

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