man pigeon people

Man glances at it from inside the coffee shop, where he sits with his steaming mug and book.

Pigeon edges closer to the open door, pecking at the ground.

One of the double doors is open, allowing a diagonal beam of sunlight through to settle on the mat. The other door is shut.

Man sits to one side of the doors, to the left side facing out, tucked into the corner with his book and coffee.  He is mostly reading, occasionally glancing out onto the street and the jerky movements of regular looking pigeon.

As it pecks closer, towards the open door, man sees people outside, approaching the door behind pecking pigeon.  He feels his heartbeat quicken.  The people are a couple, wrapped up in each other, in their conversation, not looking ahead. There is a spec of something on the mat, inside the door, for which pigeon lunges, elongating its malleable neck.

Man’s heartbeat races faster as the people approach outside.

People could scare it inside and it might shit everywhere and get distressed and scare people and scare him and cause a right hullabaloo. He should warn them, shoo it from the inside.

Too late now.

Man panics and sweats, heart thudding deep and quick as people close in behind pigeon.


3 Responses to man pigeon people

  1. This made me laugh. It seems like something I would think about if I was the man.

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