filed away

He returned to the bedroom to find that she’d lit a few candles. She’d also opened the window, introducing fresh air and the sound of soft rain which had fallen relentlessly all day. Beneath the duvet he could see her bare shoulders.

Everything had been sexified while he was brushing his teeth. That was fine, nice, good. They were, after all, consenting adults only several months into a relationship.

But he couldn’t stop that whispering thought from nagging at him.

“You’re naked!” he exclaimed, pushing the thought aside. She giggled. He got in bed and they kissed. Still it nagged away. He took off his pair of garments and tried to forget it. ┬áBut couldn’t.

Things intensified and grew. Rain fell outside, pittering and pattering in gentle wave after gentle wave. He had heard that this stubborn weather front had come all the way from the tropics. The candles flickered. It seemed she was lost in him, in this moment.

He couldn’t let it go on like this. It really was very annoying.

“Neat filing at the top of the stairs”, he said, breaking away from a kiss.


“That folder and those papers. Just dumped at the top of the stairs like that.”

“That’s what you’re thinking about? Really?”

“Just seems quite lazy to leave it there.”

She put her t-shirt back on.

“Sorry but I,” he said, unsure how to finish the sentence.