scary steve

Sorely tempted to post this on Facebook but totally bottled it…

I know Steve from the gym. On the surface he’s a cheeky chappy middle-aged bloke. He’s usually upbeat, happy to chat and easy to talk to. He has a season ticket down the Bluebirds and loves it, the atmosphere and the people. Not so much the football. That’s just a small part of it really. Always simmering with a livewire nervous energy, Steve’s into crude locker room banter and has an eye for the ladies. He’s not stupid.  He has his own successful little business operation and he’s understandably proud of it. Let’s say he’s an electrician, drives a branded van. He’s happily married but doesn’t have that many close work colleagues. He goes to the gym a couple of times a day, partly for the company. He goes to the football, and once or twice a week down the pub. They have a nice detached house in a respectable part of town and go on cruise ship holidays every few months. Fantastic entertainment, bit of sunshine, good honest people.

Steve isn’t politically engaged. He doesn’t watch the news, finds it a bit heavy and posh and depressing. Why bother depressing yourself like that? He does buy The Sun newspaper from time to time and lightly skims over it, enjoys the sport coverage and the celebrity gossip. He uses Facebook a lot and enjoys seeing what all the boys are sharing and talking about. Loves it, actually. Facebook is brilliant. What would he do without Facebook? To be honest Steve doesn’t form his own opinions about much but always finds himself agreeing with people around him, laughing loudly along. They sound confident, like they know what they’re talking about. They’re funny too and it’s a good crack like, you know? Great bunch of lads. Steve finds himself borrowing opinions when he feels the need. From his Dad, from his Facebook, from the lads in the gym. Nothing wrong with that. Don’t we all borrow opinions anyway? At the end of the day, yeah ok, perhaps Steve is a bit of a sheep, quite gullible. His missis always accuses him of being too trusting of people. He’s been fleeced a few times that way.  He’s happy with simple answers that make sense to him. He knows he’s not the brightest in the world. But so what? He doesn’t care. Life is good.

On his own Steve is pretty harmless, a nice guy.