A lazy way of blaming my every problem on the casually aggressive manner in which I was probably not breastfed.

Formerly known as Swashbuckled. n.

To enter into things with an innocent gusto but often screw up.

Rationale for this blog: a hopefully safe place for self indulgent navelgazing and an occasional dash of experimentation since 2009.

The idea has always been to keep this and the associated Twitter account anonymous because I occasionally bitch about ‘professional’ life, grumble about family, and from time to time splurge scarily honest bilge which is probably a bit much.

Most content is true, sort of true, or a twist on true. But it shouldn’t be considered an accurate representative of how I appear in reality, which is more straightforward. Hopefully.

He isn’t me, to the left, but quite easily could be.

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